Why Should You Hire ME Anyway?

Why Should You Hire ME Anyway?

I often joke that I need a PA for all my community work, because it gets incredibly busy and lately, it is taking over my life. But honestly, what would I use a PA for? I have the skillset myself. But when you’re running a business, sometimes there isn’t enough time to fit everything in…

People use me for all sorts of reasons.

The thing is, when you’re running multiple enterprises at once, as many of us are, you will eventually find that the to-do list never ends, and delegating at least part of it can make a huge difference.

One of my favourite things to do is social media posting – for other people. My own social media often goes to the bottom of the pile, because I’m so busy doing everyone else’s. My business comes first and, if my social media goes to pot, the world won’t end, because I have plenty of work in for just me. Unfortunately for most companies, a strong social media presence is the crux of getting work in. Today I’ve planned a week of social media, including writing the copy and designing the graphics.

I also enjoy creating beautiful documents, whether they are for administrative purposes, training courses, or even for sale. One of my favourite products to work on was for the rebrand of the Lashloft Training Courses and salon administration documents. No matter where you look, you see the striking branding of Lashloft, with a clear and professional format.

Delegating means more time for you.

Imagine this: you have a list of things that, if you start them at 9am, will last you until 9pm. If you could delegate just 3 hours of those tasks to a professional, you’ll have more time to spend with your family, friends, pets, whoever. It allows for self care, whether that is a nice toasty bath or an hour reading that book you’ve been meaning to delve into. You might want to make hot chocolates in travel mugs and go for an evening stroll at the beach with the kids. With someone like me on your team, this is possible.

A professional VA like myself can do everything you would do, but potentially better, quicker, and in a more organised way, creating systems as they go so you can find and access everything as needed. Because we do this all day every day, we learn tips, tricks and hacks to help us get through the workload in the most productive way.

I get to know your brand.

For every brand I work with, I have a little routine for getting into mindset depending on the message the brand wants to create.

One brand I work with has a nurturing, patient nature. To get into mindset for their work, I have a coffee and a biscuit and put on an acoustic playlist to help me relax into their brand.

Another brand I work with is very glamorous and girly, and so at the start of a full day I put the movie Mean Girls on my TV in the background. I might also stick on a very ‘boss babe’ playlist with lots of Rihanna, Beyoncé and Lizzo.

It might sound like I’m creating distractions, but I am in fact creating an atmosphere which takes me to a new place. I work from home, and so I don’t have the office dynamics to work with. Instead I create them myself (without any rivalry or background slackers to get on my nerves!).

I make you look good.

Most of the brands I work with don’t tell anyone they use a VA. And why should they? I’m getting paid to do this work. It’s not like Microsoft thanks the custodian! Do you think Richard Branson tells the world exactly what his secretary does to support his international enterprise? Of course not.

For small businesses, customers are attracted to professionalism. A VA can schedule meetings and take care of the admin, answer calls, social media messages and emails autonomously, making it appear that the message came from you, and do things in a timelier manner than you may be able to. If you’re a personal trainer out there doing 1:1 sessions, that hour or two it might take you to respond to a message could be the difference between having that client, and losing them to a competitor.

I can handle all of that and more, without a soul knowing, giving the impression that you are ultra professional, serious about your business, and that you’re running an organised operation.

For more information on how I can help you, please email me at stephaniewardofficial@gmail.com or find me on social media – @stephanieward.va and I will be only too happy to consult on what I’ll be able to offer you.

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

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