My Productivity Coach Services

The GYST Package

Do you need to Get Your Shit Together? My GYST package was made for you. I can be your productivity coach, and support you through a range of productivity issues, helping you to get clarity in the chaos that is our world. Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing your boundaries, knowing how you are going to spend your day, feeling empowered and strong, instead of stressed and flustered. I will teach you my ways, and show you how to apply them to help you get a system that works for you.

Sessions are £75, and last up to 3 hours depending on the needs of the client. I will also deliver a follow up report to you within two working days.

The Productivity Consultation

Getting a bit bogged down? Perhaps you’ve taken on a new role and are struggling to get your workload under control? Maybe you have a side hustle, and just don’t know how to build it with the hours you have left in your week. I will help you find those hours with a quick blast of my magic wand.

Consultations are £50 for a one hour session, and you get to choose two of my ‘Productivity Booster’ printable packages from my range.

The Productivity Subscription

Do you want a session each week with your productivity coach to hash out your plans? This service is perfect for business owners, those with busy lifestyles, and those juggling multiple roles. Each week I will help you plan for the week ahead, each week unravelling a little bit of my know-how so that you too can be as productive as me! I will help you balance all the plates, using my tools and advice. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without me.

This subscription is £32 a week, or £350 for a block booking of 13 weeks, a saving of £66

My Virtual Assistant Services

Social Media Management

Sick of scheduling posts, figuring out what to post about, and what content to put on your posts? No problem. As part of my social media management package, I offer an initial consultation to see what you are about, what you want to achieve, and I will do the rest. Posts will be published on all your social media platforms at a time that we deem suits your audience best. Prices also include me sharing your posts into relevant groups and forums from my personal account.

Initial consultation (up to 2 hours): £35

White package: 3 social media posts designed and posted (weekly) £22

Pink Package: 7 social media posts designed and posted (weekly) £45

Purple Package: 14 social media posts designed and posted (weekly) £85

Custom Packages: price on request

Inbox Detox

Is your inbox bursting at the seams with 10,000,000 messages unread? Say no more. Clarity is just a “quick telephone consultation and your login details” away. As your Inbox Detox virtual assistant, not only will I delete the garbage, I will file the important stuff away so it isn’t cluttering up your main inbox. All your information will be treated with the utmost security and confidentiality. And, in the event something is removed that you absolutely cannot live without, your ‘bin’ is retrievable for 30 days.

Price per email address: £35

General Administration

Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands – someone to manage your calendar, cancel and rebook appointments, and create working documents for specific purposes, such as stock takes. Hire me as your virtual assistant! Included in this is call and email handling, diary management, day-to-day admin such as updating spreadsheets, writing letters, and creating lists of actions based on the limitations of my role – a limit which you set. I have experience working with Google for Business, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams but I can adapt to any systems already in place, and create systems where there are none.

Hourly rate: £25

Discount available for contracts of three months or longer.

Ghost Writing, Writing, and Editing

I love writing. I can write about a whole host of things. Whatever you need, I can research it, learn about it, write about it, and produce anything from a blog post, to an article, to a chapter of a book, to a whole book. I can provide samples of my work if required. I’ve written about a whole range of topics, from paediatric cows’ milk protein allergy, to the hidden secrets of local housing developments; from billboard advertising to using play as a tool for communication with children. Very few topics are off limits! Challenge me, I dare you!

Sample (500 words or less) £25

Hourly rate: £30 per hour


Everyone hates re-reading their work – so let me do it for you. Proofreading is vital if you want people to take your published work seriously, and ensures everything is present and correct. Please note that proofreading does not check factual accuracy; I focus on grammar, spelling, punctuation and other technicalities. Proofreading is available as a per-job or per-hour rate. For a quote, please drop me an email.