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I can’t recommend Steph highly enough. I have inattentive ADHD, so with a job and two businesses, I just wasn’t getting anything done or reaching my goals. Luckily Steph has specific experience working with neurodiverse clients and she’s been incredible.

We’ve got my diary in order and I’ve learnt a tonne of tips for productivity that are totally indispensable. Steph ensures I’m accountable for my targets.

We’re making a lot of progress and I’m looking forward to continuing working with her!



Stephanie has helped me immensely over the past month and it’s all so well laid out, easy to understand, and transferrable to all areas of my life. It has helped my daughter too as she asked me what I was doing and has looked through all the information and has taken it on board. Stephanie is always on hand to point me in the right direction and is so understanding and accomodating. Thank you for everything 💕



Steph is incredible. She has amazing tips for how to be productive and use time wisely. She’s knowledgable and so down to earth too. Fab service.



Steph has really helped to get my business on the map and organised my time so I can be more profitable. I’d definitely recommend her services.

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